Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweet Soul Mix

I have been collecting soul music recorded in the 60s/70s for a while now, starting more or less in the spring of 2007. At first it began as a quest for drum samples because at the time I aspired to produce beats, but as my affinity for hip hop waned my love for sweet soul flourished. I reached a point, the winter before last, where I literally did not listen to anything else. I felt at the time that there was something more poignant, meaningful and heartfelt about sweet soul than anything that was being recorded in the modern age. The production quality of these songs possesses a richer emotion, the recordings were conducted in specialized rooms, with reels, tangible instruments and vocals, as opposed to contemporary recording, where sounds are proceessed through an endless series of digital compressions. At any rate, this is a mix I wanted to share, with the best of the best soul songs I have come across. Download it, put it on a mix CD, and let that sugary soul get right in your heart.

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freddie scott - got what i need
archie bell and the drells - green power
the manhattans - follow your heart
the charmels - as long as i've got you
garland green - i cant believe you quit me
ruby andrews - you made a believer out of me
marlena shaw - california soul
the persuaders - trying girls out
honey and the bees - come get it
the impressions - man oh man
irma thomas - it's raining
the escorts - i can't stand to see you cry

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