Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Late Summer Mix

The sun is starting to hang higher in the sky these days, but still the haze of summer washes over the city of Port Chester. In this early phase of autumn, there is some vague, purgatorial mood, a ubiquitous feeling of nostalgia, reflection and somber anticipation. Beaches are closing and town pools are being drained. And although there is bittersweetness in the cooling air, most of us cherish these fleeting, elusive last breathes of August. Sonically, though, there is certain music played that aims to bottle up that last day of summer. That's what these songs do for me, I soak them in and save them for winter. Exp. date - 9/21/2010. 

Late Summer Mix (51:22)

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Javelin :: goal/wide

A proper requiem for summer--Javelin's George Langford and Tom Van Buskirk harness seizing microsamples and assemble them into a spooky, melodic march. The cuts and pastes are sequenced in an off-kilter rhythm, with the intent to scramble brains, but the sounds themselves are so rich that a sugary streamline is achieved. Fantastic. 

Neon Indian :: (if i knew i'd tell you)

The synth-sounds in this 45-second interlude from Psychic Chasms evokes 1980's prom slowdances, but also the melancholy, pink-dusk pangs of early Autumn. A great late summer slow burner. 

Daft Punk :: Make Love

Despite it's elevator music undertones, the grand piano loop that supplies the foundation for this cut from 1997's Human After All possesses weighty drama, while the wet guitar plucks give it bounce. Beyond that, the airy vocal loop soars and is nailed to ground by a minimalist Casio drum-machine pattern. Perhaps their most tearful jam. 

Nite Jewel :: Falling Far

Here's a buoyant glo-fi sizzler from Nite jewel, who takes us on a submarine ride through gold-coast galactic seas. Dreamboat pop brought to life by used keyboards dipped in late 70s glitter.  

John K. :: What Music Makes Us Do

First heard John K. on the Twin Sister "International Dust" micromix. Upon inquiring with bassist Gabe, I learned that, "John is the bomb. a friend of mine, he pumps out albums, does everything himself. I recommend his newest one: "Lost in the Beat" http://www.mediafire.com/?zemnugnijjw , and a self titled one: http://www.mediafire.com/?2dxzqgjmnyl , which is my personal fav. She's Got The Eye is on one called "At The Moment". I think he has all of them up on his myspace, http://www.myspace.com/johnksongs". His self recorded/released albums are like strawberry milkshakes for the ears. Inspirational, especially if you're a musician attempting home recording.  

Dem Hunger - excerpt

This is a clip from a Dem Hunger mix, culled from "dirty 45s". There was a time when I listened to this mix multiple times daily. It always put me in a strange and wonderful stupor. I suggest you dig in to Dem's digs, you won't be sorry. 

Los Amparito :: Por Medio De La Lectura

Don't know much about Los Amparito, but this South American rainmaker is like Avery Tare x Jorge Ben. I can't get over how good these tropical tones sound when saturated with sunny electronic manipulators. A fruitful blend of time and color. Bask in it. 

Dolphins into the Future :: On the High Seas

This song will lull you into a watery daze about psychedelic whales and breezy clocks. The swirling synths makes wakes in kodachrome pools. Highly visual music, I recommend taking a dive into all of Belgian scapist Lieven Martens' material, who took the name for the project from this book

Arch M :: rapid transit

I just can't get over how accurately august afternoons are captured by this and everything else from Land Huxt. It makes my heart melt with longing for the days of my youth spent wandering aimlessly in Rosendale, in swimming pools, backyards, riding bicycles in slow motion. The album plays like deep streams, you'll have to come up for air. 

Beach Boys :: All I Wanna Do 

I've been listening to a lot of Brain Wilson this summer, Smile demos, things like that. They (the Beach Boys) really mastered the art of sluggish, loving pop songs in the early 70s. This one is a gold-toned standout from the Sunflower album. I listen to this on repeat, just to dig in to the introductory keyboard chordal riff, it's worthy of accentuation.

Beach Fossils :: Youth

One of my favorite songs from last summer was Beach Fossil's "Vacation". I posted it for last year's summer mix on mediafire and I recently discovered that the hit count has ballooned to over 1500 downloads.  Their blend of pop guitars and underwatervocals has swept the blogosphere, evidently. This new one, though, slower and wispier, fits in here for its youthful-lament. 

Family Portrait :: Mega Secrets

This is my favorite song of the last few years, so I figured I stop hogging and post it. Anyone who has played music with me recently will now know that I am guilty of red-handed burglary of this song's A major scale bounce (and for playing surf pop without laughing). I've listened to this song, one of the only releases from New Jersey's Family Portrait) a million times and the ardent crescendo gets me everytime. 

Beach House :: Some Things Last A Long Time (Daniel Johnston cover)

Out of all the haphazard Daniel Johnston covers in the world, this is the only one I've found that even comes close to reaching the emotional heights of the original

Department of Eagles :: Therapy Car Noise 

From In Ear Park, an opalescent jewel of an album.

Dum Dum Girls :: Baby Don't Go

A haunting cover of a Sonny and Cher song. The spare, swelling, reverberated electric guitar strumming paired with airy and vocal harmonies make for an unnerving cover. From I Will Be.  

Washington Phillips :: Lift 'Em Up, That's All 

This is one of the most beautiful recordings I've ever heard. It remains uncertain what instrument is being played (sources say that most likely the instrument was entirely handmade by Phillips), or when it was recorded, but the way the song sounds on the grainy tape-reel of the time has a poignant dustiness incomparable to any other music recorded in history. "Lift 'Em Up", a truly powerful gospel song, sung with chilling sincerity. 

Jon Brion :: Row

Kate Bush :: Army Dreamers

The more I listen to this song the more I realize how amazing it is. Lore surrounds her recording career, notorious for perfectionism she didn't not allow her visions to go underperformed. Kate Bush records have also been in heavy rotation this summer, so her inclusion here is fitting.

Television :: Days

The lyrics of this song ache my heart in the same way watching leaves start to change does. Surprising how underlistened Adventure is--Marquee Moon is the best debut LP of all time, but they by no means disappointed with their follow up. Check out a compilation of tropical Adventure covers, curated by the Aquarium Drunkard.

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