Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Halloween is far and away my favorite holiday. This year I've been working on a DJ set for the Halloween party at the House of Love, where James Barnes will be installing a mind-scrambling video system, projecting clips from slasher flicks, horror favorites and spooky ambience. In the spirit of the day of the dead, I've put together a very, very long mix (clocking in at nearly 2 and a half hours) of spooky sounds, ghost-synth, drone-beat, ambient dance music (much of which owes it's sound to horror movie scoring), all punctuated with sound clips from such classics as A Nightmare on Elm St, The Shining, The Golden Arm, Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Meyers, Vincent Price's "Great Ghost Stories" and many, many more. So, when the big day comes, open up your windows, put this on blast, let the ghostly sounds resonate through the fallen leaves and jack-o-lanterns and get into the halloween spirit. Listen now or download (if you dare!)


More halloween mixes here and here

Happy Halloween!


  1. this is pretty ok to play for haunted houses and what not, not to jam to but to walk around, get candy and scare people to. Im so excited for Halloween. CANDY! a little bit into the mix get non halloweenish... just saying

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  3. i think it's an awesome mix. can we a get a setlist?

  4. setlist is as follows:

    geto boys - my minds playing tricks on me (screwed excerpt)
    zomby - helter skelter
    cash - modeselektor
    backwoods altar - tobacco
    disconnecting entirely - oneohtrix point never
    chicken bone circuit - rjd2
    electric company - madlib
    get innocuous - led soudsystem
    phantom part ii - boyz noize edit
    greel - sebastian
    & down - boyz noize
    excerpt from white drugs - dem hunger
    1 minute to midnight - justice
    feel the drip - black moth super rainbow
    dog shelter - burial
    monster hospital - mstrkrft remix
    knights - crystal castles
    someone else's ride - ghosthustler
    ghostbuster's theme + re-edit
    thriller edit - michael jackson and biggie
    someone's watching me - rockwell
    shadows - midnight juggernaut
    walk me home - memory tapes
    tricycle express - mr oizo and gaspard ague of justice
    halloween theme
    steam machine - daft punk
    sequencer - lifelike
    organ donor - dj shadow
    the information - beck
    helter skelter - beatles
    smyrneiko minore - marika papagika

    thanks for the feed back y'all sorry i didnt post the list at first i wanted everything to be a surprise